What is Weddenly?

Simple website builder for your wedding

Using Weddenly you can create your own digital invitation in a form of a wedding website in minutes. It's simple, easy and fun. Let your guests know all your wedding details. When? Where? What time? Creating wedding website might be the best idea for your wedding.

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So what exactly will you get with us?

Unique web design

Design your own unique web site. Move and reoder all blocks as you wish

Beautiful templates

Create a design using some of our carefully designed templates or modify them if you wish.

Custom domain name

You are welcome to choose any sub-domain name you want. Like maria-brian.weddenly.com

Fully responsive design

Create website that will work on all devices - desktop, tablet and mobile.

In less than 10 minutes

Create a complete wedding website in as little as 10 minutes or less. Yes! It's that easy.

Editing options

Come back and edit your website at any time. Or even convert it into a memory website after the wedding.

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Who we are

Weddenly is a privately held software company based in Latvia, Europe.

This project was created to give everyone an opportunity to create beautiful wedding websites without having to learn complicated technical details or go through a lengthy and expensive development process.

Website samples

Check out our real website samples.

Weddenly website builder screenshot
Weddenly website builder screenshot
Weddenly website builder screenshot
Weddenly website builder screenshot


Our package has everything you might need to build a perfect wedding website. We have many designs, block variations and other bonuses specially for you.

Standard package

19.90 €

  • 6 months subscription
  • Public access
  • Mobile version
  • Gallery up to 10 photos
  • Regular templates
  • E-mail support
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Premium package

39.90 €

  • 1 year subscription
  • Public + Private access
  • Mobile version
  • Gallery up to 20 photos
  • Exclusive templates
  • Video block
  • Groomsman - Bridesmaid block
  • E-mail support
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Let us answer all your questions

How much does it costs to make a website?

Depending on the package to make a wedding website it will cost you 19.90 € or 39.90 €. Check the backages on the <a href="#" data-scroll-to="pricing-block">pricing block</a>. Also there might be some discounts from time to time. Make sure not to miss them.

Can I switch packages?

Yes you can. If you choose some elements from the premium package you will automatically be switched to premium mode. If you disable them you will get switched back to golden package. Also you can switch between the packages using special buttons in the edit mode.

How complicated is it to build a website?

It is as simple as one two three. You don't really need to know any programming skills or go through a lengthy and expensive development process. Use our inrterface the same as you would in any other programs like PowerPoint to add you custom texts and move blocks around to create the design you wish to see.

Can I cancel my subsription?

Yes, you can cancel your subsription within next 3 days after the purchase.

How fast can I build a wedding website?

Depending on how much effort you want to put in, but on average it really takes to more than 10 - 15 minutes to build your own unique website.

What is a subdomain?

Subdomain is a name your website will get called. For example if you choose your subdomain "mark" your site will be mark.weddenly.com

Do I need to put a "www" in front of a subdomain?

No, it will work with or without adding "www".

Can I have a custom domain name?

Unfortunately you can choose to have only a custom subdomain name.

Can I write you in case I have a problem?

Once the user have paid, the premium packages have a 24/7 support included automatically. If you have a golden package, you can write us in case of a technical problem.

Can I have a custom design?

The structure of the website is similar but you can customize all the blocks as you wish.